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5 Do's and Don'ts for Wedding Detail Shots !

What are Detail Shots at a Wedding?

Wedding Detail shots basically consist of photos or video shots emphasizing the small stuff that makes the couples look complete. Such examples would be like showing off the couples rings, or showing off the brides shoes or jewelry. Does the groom have really cool socks and tie? Yep! Those count too!

Other examples of items to be used for the Detail Shots could be, but are not limited too...

Bride & Groom Rings

Bride Jewelry (Earrings, Necklace, Hair Pieces)

Bride Shoes

Groom Tie & Socks


Gifts from couple

Along with any accessory the couple might have, there are other things we can use for these specific shots! Many photographers and videographers also use any stationary used for the wedding like the official Wedding Invites, Save the Dates, and programs for the ceremony! These add to the story and can make great shots when add together. Flowers, greenery and bride/bridesmaid dress make for an amazing addition to Detail Shots! I always like to see if the florist has any leftover flowers and leaves so I can add them to the shot. Majority of the time this adds contrast, helps show off the vendors work, and adds to the overall "vibe" of the wedding!

Do's and Don'ts of Wedding Detail Shots

Overall, wedding detail shots are completely subjective and are completely up to the artist to analyze and create their vision for their wedding. But these are kind of my Do's and Don'ts of Detail Shots when it comes for me to set-up and shot!

Do: Ask your couple ahead of time to organize and place their detail shots in a bag or box prior too the wedding!

Don't: Ask them for the details last minute Day of the Wedding!


Do: Think about where you place your details for the shot.

Don't: Just throw the details down on to some random table!

Whether that be on a flat lay that you brought or if you found a really cool wood floor next to some amazing lighting! Personally I like to find a flat lay that match the vibe of the wedding. Sometimes even using the brides or one of the bridesmaids dresses can add a lot to the color palette and overall look of the detail shots.

Do: Place the details (rings, jewelry, stationary, flowers etc.) in a decent layout.

Don't: Randomly place the details together or bunch em up super close.

If you just take a minute or two to really look and think about the layout of everything, can make a HUGE difference! Rather than just placing everything at random on the floor, try to be very symmetrical. I guess the main thing here is overall Balance. Making sure there's decent space between everything and making it look balanced helps with the artistic side of it. It can be an eye sore if everything is mashed up together on the left side of the shot.

Do: Take multiple angles and focal lens shots of the layout!

Don't: Just one shot and done it for photo. And don't just film shots without some kind of movement for video.

I personally like to use my 24-70mm lens for the wide shots than using the macro option to get those super detailed shots of the ring, jewelry or even flowers. Sometimes I also use my 85mm, especially if I'm filming. I'm a huge fan of a Focus In shot, so my 85mm allows me to start with a lot of bokeh then focus very smoothly in on the ring! Specifically for videography, I like to add movement to these shots. Yes, stills are nice but adding movement makes it extra special! Example would be for the wide shots when i'm above the layout i add some turning with the camera to pan over the layout. Or like mentioned before using the 85mm on a 1.4-1.8 Aperture to focus in!

This is a great example of the Rotating Camera technic at 00:09!
This is a great example of the Focus In technic at 00:13!

Do: Take the time out of the day to take these shots!

Don't: Rush it and/or skip it entirely.

For photo, even if the bride doesn't care to much about this, it still helps fill your photo quota, makes great social media or portfolio content, and it might be something that brings your gallery to the next level! For video, I cannot express how helpful these shots can be! They add substance to the videos. If you get creative enough with these, they also can separate you from other videographers that only do the most basic of shots.

Final Thoughts!

In conclusion, these really are just my thoughts and takes on Detail Shots! Take the time and effort to do these, can lead to endless of possible combinations of flowers, stationary, rings etc. I truly believe that these can be very beneficial to take for photo galleries, and are absolutely crucial for telling a story in film.

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